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EDUOPEN - DEMO environment

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  • Network EDUOPEN (, a network of Italian Universities. 
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  •  Centro Interateneo EDUNOVA dell'Università di Ferrara, Modena e Reggio Emilia e Parma in name of Network EDUOPEN.

    How to publish on EDUOPEN and how to use the resources

    The Contents on the EDUOPEN platforms, including but not limited to texts (including teaching material in the form of texts, messages, documents, reports, etc.), static and moving images (including photographs, drawings, videos), music, graphs, tables and any other materials are protected by the statutory provisions on intellectual property.

    Anyone publishing Contents on the EDUOPEN platforms expressly guarantees that all Contents, not only comply with all statutory provisions, but are also lawfully available to him/her for use and do not breach any copyright laws, trade marks, patents or other third party rights deriving from laws, contracts and/or custom, hereby releasing the EDUOPEN Network of the burden of verifying the truthfulness of such statements;

    Anyone publishing Contents on the e-learning platforms shall in any case expressly undertake to hold the EDUOPEN Network harmless, substantially and before the courts, of any losses, damage, responsibility cost or expense, including legal costs, deriving from any economic or other claims made by third parties concerning the Contents published by the user on the e-learning platforms.

    The Contents on the EDUOPEN platforms shall be considered to be destined exclusively for personal educational use and shall not be used for commercial purposes. The use of any contents that are not expressly authorised by law or by the holders of any copyright is strictly forbidden.

    It is in any case forbidden to publish, disseminate, distribute in any manner and using any means, also electronically (e.g. via email), the Contents on the EDUOPEN platforms without the prior written consent of the respective holders of the rights.

    Identity Federation and Contacts

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    Identity Federations
    EDUOPEN platforms are associated to IDEM-GARR Federation and to GEANT-EDUGAIN Federation.


    Centro Interateneo EDUNOVA
    Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, UNIMORE
    Viale Antonio Allegri 13 - Reggio Emilia
    Tel: 0522 522 521

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    Personal data manager: Prof. Tommaso Minerva (Direttore Centro Interateneo EDUNOVA)

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